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Howell Fuel Injection Kit for FJ40 Toyota

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Howell Fuel Injection Kit for FJ40 Toyota

This kit converts a FJ 40 Toyota 2F Inline cylinder motor to Electronic Fuel Injection by adapting a GM 4.3 Liter V-6 components. An aluminum adapter with a new Throttle Body adapts to your 2 barrel intake manifold. This Kit includes: the MAP Sensor, Coolant Sensor, Oxygen Sensor, & New GM Computer, Wiring Harness, Fuel Filter, Fuel Pump, Block Off Plate, Electric Fuel Pump, TBI Adapter, Fuel Line, and Easy to Read Instructions.

Specify the type and year of Vehicle when ordering your kit. Sam's Offroad has sold and installed hundreds of these kit's without any problems. After installation, most of your old emission plumbing is eliminated and you'll gain better Fuel Economy & Performance.

*Please Note: Howell Electronic Fuel Injection Kit's are custom made for each individual vehicle. Sam's Offroad cannot allow returns on this product so be sure you have the skills to be able to install this before ordering. Please call us with any questions. Our staff is trained help you on your installation and service needs.

Your stock air cleaner will not work with the EFI Conversion Kit so we offer 7" K&N Filter, the right size for necessary hood clearance.

When ordering please consider the following information so we can get you exactly what you need:

  • Are you running Headers?
  • Are you running stock Cam?
  • Are you running stock Pistons?
  • Are you running 2 or 4 barrel Carburetor?
  • Are you running the stock Intake Manifold?
  • Are you running any aftermarket Ignition System? SD? Mallory?
  • What is the estimated altitude you'll be primarily driving at?
After you place the order, you will receive a phone call to discuss these details for your new Fuel Injection System.

Crank Case Ventilation Ring: You will not be able to use your stock air cleaner with the Howell EFI Conversion kit. When removing your old air cleaner on most CJs and YJs you'll notice a hose that hooks into it and then hooks into the back of the valve cover. You will need to retain it so this ring will let you hook up the hose. If it's between the air cleaner and throttle body, We offer the Valve Cover Recirculation Spacer that
fits under the air cleaner and will allow you to reconnect your hose.
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