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Sam's Offroad Heavy Duty Steering Gearbox Bracket for Jeep CJ

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Two Options:

Steering Bracket

The Sam's Offroad replacement steering box bracket was designed in 1996 by our fabricator and mechanic Mike Cox. This bracket is made out of 1/2 inch plate steel and is must for any CJ running 33 to 39 inch tires. Raw Finish Only.

Steering Bracket for Small>Shackle Reversal

This bracket looks similar to the one above but moves your steering box forward 3/4 of an inch. This will give you the added clearance you need for your pitman arm and drag link. This is a must if your CJ is running a shackle reversal. Raw Finish Only. Product Review by Tony Carricaburu

It's time to take a look at a really heavy-duty new product for you CJ owners. Who makes the heavy duty parts for CJs?... of course Sam's Offroad.

My first impression of this new heavy-duty steering gearbox bracket was basically "WOW!!" Seriously, that was my first response after opening the package. This bracket was so heavy-duty and strong looking that I was seriously amazed with the construction of this product. This bracket is constructed entirely of 1/2" thick steel, and grade-8 bolts, nuts and washers. The bracket has been zinc coated and ready to install straight out of the box. It doesn't get much more heavy-duty than that.

For some reason, CJ's are prone to tearing the steering box right off the frame under extreme conditions. That's exactly why Sam's designed and manufactured this beastly piece of equipment. Basically, if your '76-'86 CJ is running 33" tires or larger and you plan on doing any moderately difficult off-roading or trail-riding, you more than likely should have one of these on your Jeep.

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