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Here's our list of some of the best off roading you'll find within 5 hours of Tulsa. This isn't a comprehensive list - just some of our favorites! UPDATED 2021

One of the best laid out off road parks we have come across. This park has state of the art facilities and well-marked trails. It’s great for beginners with a stock vehicle as well as experienced rock crawlers with buggies or modified vehicles. And we’re friends with the owner – he’s a good one and takes great care of this place!

Our favorite trails: Cheese Grater, V-Notch, Double Whammy, Rick Franco Freeway**

Don’t miss: Our Annual Memorial Day Run & Customer Appreciation Run held in October each year

Distance: 3.5 Hours

This park is deep in the Ozarks and has some outrageous views. It’s laid out well, close to town and has great facilities. The trails are well marked and vary from beginner to hard core.

Our favorite trails: Ingrid’s Revenge, Greg’s Rocks, Tombstone

Distance: 4.5 Hours

Why we like it: Close to Tulsa, plenty of good challenges including mudding, rock crawling, hill climbing and casual trail riding

Don’t miss: John Sumner’s Big Meat Run held in March each year

Distance: 1.25 Hours

KEYSTONE – Keystone Lake, OK

Keystone is an easy getaway just West of downtown Tulsa. We like building campfires down by the water after a day of riding. There are no marked trails so you’re really on your own. But be warned – it’s very easy to get stuck there. We’ve seen many vehicles get in trouble!

Why we like it: Close to Tulsa, good for beginners

Distance: 30 min

This area has history of being one of the more popular off roading parks in Oklahoma and has many memories for the Sam’s crew. It’s changed ownership several times over the years, but it’s still one of our favorite places to ride.

Why We Like it: It has some hard core stuff – serious rock crawling, hill climbing and ginormous rocks!

Distance: 2.5 Hours

This place has it all – the river for kayaking/canoeing, lodging, offroad trails, camp sites, a great restaurant, hiking trails and even flying. Take a look at their event calendar and you’ll see quite the variety of events they host each year.

Don’t miss: The Rock Garden at night under the lights!

Distance: 2.5 Hours

Camp Gruber is a smaller park, but is always opening new trails. They have mud, hills and plenty of trails to have a good day run. The park was created from a land grant in 1990 and consists of 450 acres.

Why we like it: Close to Tulsa, good for beginners

Distance: 45 min

MidAmerica has over 750 acres of trails and knows how to put on an event! Please note, this park is only open during their events, but if you’re up for a good time with lots of offroading people, this is your place. It has cabins, bathhouse, RV hookups, tent camping, concession area and bar. They have extensive trail system along with UTV race tracks and climbing hills. You can expect to see all kinds of vehicles here - buggies, Jeeps and side-by-sides.

Why we like it: Their events are a blast.

Distance: 1.5 hours

Located on the South Canadian River on 120 acres, this place has great trails along with river access. The campground takes RVs and tent camping along with a bathhouse. And bonus - after a long day of wheeling, enjoy the outdoor pub with friends and live music on the weekend.

Why we like it: The atmosphere and setup bring together the offroad community.

Distance: 2 hours

Formerly Burris Valley Ranch, this 3700 acre working cattle ranch has tons of trails along with camping, a lodge, bunkhouse, fishing, hiking and more. You’ll see a lot of buggies here, but you can have fun no matter what vehicle you have.

Why we like it: It’s got something for everyone.

Distance: 2.5 hours

Honorable Mention:

This place is for side by sides and ATVs only as it is just what the name suggests - SAND. It’s a neat little spot in Oklahoma and so much fun with the right vehicle.

This place is huge with over 6500 acres. It has RV sites, tent camping and awesome views. We’ve been warned that the map isn’t the greatest, so we recommend having some sort of GPS system.

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