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Must Do’s:

  1. Alignment – Get an alignment at least once a year. Poor alignment can affect your tire’s wear, performance and life of the tires. Click here for more info on why proper alignment is important.

  2. Service your axles – We recommend servicing your axels at least once a year. Often times, we find small issues before they become big ones for our customers. Keep in mind that if you take your vehicle through deep water, you’ll want to have them serviced more frequently.

  3. Check your shocks on a regular basis – If you notice a shock is leaking, the seal is blown and this means your shocks aren’t working properly.

Watch for:

  1. Listen for popping & creaking – Anytime your vehicle is making a strange noise, you should take notice. Often times it means loose components or worn out bushings.

  2. Problems with your drive train: Be on the lookout for leaks in your pinion seals or worn bushings in the springs or control arms.

  3. Excessive slack in the steering - If it’s hard to control your vehicle or your experiencing the dreaded “Death Wobble,” this usually means you have loose components in the front end. It can also signal that your tires are out of balance or are excessively worn.

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